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Small Bathroom Design Ideas and Inspiration
Just because your bathroom is small, doesn’t mean you have to limit your creativity. We have many options available to update your small bathroom to fit you aesthetic perfectly. It is so easy to begin decision making with restrictions or rules in place that may or not be necessary. These restrictions might keep you from getting exactly what you want out of the design, and may be worth reevaluating.

Small Tiles for a Small Room Are Not Always Necessary:
When designing around a small bathroom, many people forego large wall tiles, for fear that the space will seem more cramped, but large 18” x 18”, or 12” x 24” tiles can do just the opposite, reducing grout lines and creating a wall with a more cohesive, and less busy look. There is also the added bonus of fewer areas of Grout to Clean. Another option is to mix large and small tiles to add visual interest. Such as in these bathroom designs:

shower wall large and small


Creative uses for Liners and Mosaics:
Liners can add a pop of color, tie in the colors and looks in the rest of the bathroom, and add visual interest to a simple design. Many people use a section of a mosaic or a liner in the wall tile in their shower, but that is not the only option.
Mixing multiple liners and mosaics can create a layered look using the visible lines to create interest. Horizontal lines in a design can make a room seem calm and restful and balanced, and vertical lines conversely give a feeling of attentiveness and energy. Drama can be added to a room by using diagonal lines that can give a design movement and flow. Tile lends itself to the use of lines for an overall design, and these lines can be emphasized further by using one or more tiles, liners, or strips of a mosaic. Additionally these can be used as a backsplash or to top off tile wainscoting to create a cohesive design. Below are photographs of just a few of the creative uses of these tiles.

flordia tile backsplash houzzlivinghouse pebble walllowes mosaic designporch texture mixes

Natural and Rustic Looks using Pebble Mosaics and Wood Plank Tiles:
Trending tile right now are a lot of looks that bring a little of the outdoors in to your home. This can be seen in wood look planks, as well as pebble mosaics. Many plank sized tiles have also made a surge in popularity that still give a hint of wood look without being overwhelmingly rustic. The design possibilities are just beginning to be explored, and seem limitless with these looks.
In the last few years, just about every tile company has come out with a wood look, or several. These tiles vary greatly in length, width, and design; allowing you to use them in many settings, to personalize your own design. The planks can be laid on the floor or on walls, as a decorative border, full surface, or anything in between.
The pebble mosaics are another popular trend that can be used in many contexts. The highly textured surface has a fantastic visual appeal, and can add a striking level of simplicity and elegance to a back splash wall, or floor. For anyone interested in putting this in a shower floor, or desiring a flatter surface, most of the pebble mosaics come sliced—so that the tops are flat, and even—as well.
These can be used together or by themselves to create looks from rustic, to tropical, to simple elegance. Rather than belaboring the point further, I’ll move on to the photos of some of the magnificent design possibilities.

woodlootshowerpebblemat organic floor

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