Spring Into Savings! Shaw Carpet On Sale Till 5/30/2014!

These Shaw styles are available in our CLEARLY CHIC display! This display offers several unique styles, trendy colors, and fun patterns to choose from. Of Course these products are soft, but they are also high twist & density. This combination yields great performance, taking the texture retention warranty from 10 years to 15 years.  

The Clearly Chic Collection offers 3 groups that could be uniquely distinguished by style. Tonals, Accents, and Granites. The display also offers a wide variety of solids. You will love the feel of these soft fibers as well as be assured the construction is high quality!

Click link below to see the inside of our showroom and the display!

Clearly Chic

Bright Idea III (65 OZ) $27.55/SY  $3.06/SF

Bright Idea II (55 OZ)$24.55/SY  $2.72/SF

Bright Idea  I (45 OZ)$21.49/SY  $2.39/SF


Treasure Trove Texture III (65 OZ) $27.55/SY  $3.06/SF

Treasure Trove Image (45 OZ) $24.55/SY  $2.72/SF

Treasure Trove Weave (45 OZ) $21.49/SY  $2.39/SF


Polished Texture III (65 OZ) $27.55/SY  $3.06/SF

Polished Image (45 OZ) $24.55/SY  $2.72/SF

Polished Weave (45 OZ) $21.49/SY  $2.39/SF


Sun Kissed Texture III (65 OZ) $27.55/SY  $3.06/SF

Sun Kissed Image (45 OZ) $24.55/SY  $2.72/SF

Sun Kissed Weave (45 OZ) $21.49/SY  $2.39/SF

**Sale Ends 5-30-2014**

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