"The laminate worked out perfect for my project. I really appreciate the wonderful and friendly service that you have given us over the last several years. It is rare to find a company that consistently serves its customers so well. Thanks for giving above and beyond what you have to."


Carpet and Tile Installation in Fort Collins

Having your flooring installed correctly is key to enjoying your home or office for years to come. When you consider the cost of your flooring itself, it usually makes sense to have it professionally installed.  Our quick, courteous, and dependable installation team is right for the job.

As a family owned store, we care about our customers and always make sure the job is done right–at competitive prices.

  • carpet installation
  • tile installation
  • vinyl installation
  • hardwood installation
  • laminate installation

To see the types of carpet, tile, vinyl, and hardwood we offer, check out our flooring, or read our resource page.