"John and Scott did a great job. And John came back Friday and did more great work! Thank you!"


Carpet Sales

100 % PureColor ™ Solution Dyed BCF Polyester, 24 oz.
$8.95 SY ($0.99 SF)

 Best Buy-Stunning/BB001
100% Continuous Filament Solution Dyed PET Soft Polyester Fiber, 36 oz.
$12.95 SY ($1.44 SF)

Best Buy-Great News
Polyester, 63 oz.
$14.99 SY ($1.67 SF)

 Cork Sales

Endura AR UV-Cured Finish, 11 5/8″ x 35 5/8″
$3.99 SF

Luxury Vinyl Planking Sales

Armstrong-Natural Personality/Hearth Oak
Glue-Down, 6″ x 36″ Plank
$1.79 SF

Momentum-Reclaimed Decking/PF44
Glue-Down, 7″ x 40″ Plank
$1.79 SF

Shaw-Easy Street Plank/Sagebrush
Loose-Lay, 6″ x 40″ Plank
$3.99 SF


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